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Carrying illegal sub stance is strictly not allowed, regardless of your status in life. That is what Paris Hilton is experiencing right now after she caught with illegal possession of illegal drugs. Not just ordinary drugs but cocaine. Paris Hilton was caught in Las Vegas. According to the report, Paris Hilton was with her boyfriend when they were pulled over by Nevada police after they were suspecting sniffing marijuana because smoke was coming out from their vehicle. When the police stopped Paris Hilton's car, they inspected the car and found cocaine in good number. Paris Hilton and her companion were immediately escorted to the police station for further investigation. Paris Hilton immediately called her attorney and Paris Hilton was released immediately.

Lamb St E1


Entourage 7x9 Porn Scenes from an Italian

Watch Entourage 7x9 - Porn Scenes from an Italian this coming August 29, 2010.  This is one of the most exciting episodes as can be gleaned from the title of this episode Entourage 7x9- Porn Scenes from an Italian. Oh yes, it contains the not so safe word in the beginning of the title. Why? You figure it out by watching Entourage 7x9.

I don't have the synopsis yet here. And apparently I'm not so updated at the moment.. I don't have the luxury of the time to fully update this blog. I attended a wedding just today. I was so busy and all. I almost forgot about Entourage S07e09. Glad I remembered!

Don't miss Entourage 7x9 full video on HBO. For Entourage 7x9 megavideo downloads, rapidshare downloads, torrent downloads, please go to the concerned sites as I don't offer these things here. Just watch the full video without surveys on your tv.

True Blood 3x11 Fresh Blood (s03e011)

True Blood 3x11 Fresh Blood is finally here. True Blood Season 3 is about to end. There is only two more episodes left before True Blood Season 3 closes. The upcoming episode True Blood 3x11 entitled Fresh Blood is airing this Sunday on HBO.

Watch True Blood 3x11 Full video on HBO sunday August 29, 2010. Read the synopsis below. For True Blood 3x11 megavideo, torrent, rapidshare downloads please visit the sites concerned or search google.
"Bill tries to earn back Sookie's trust, but ends up bringing her face-to-face with fresh dangers. Knowing he's no physical match for the King, Eric tempts Russell with the "ultimate vampire dream." Jason tries to wrap his head around Crystal's revelation. Sam embraces his dark side, alienating everyone except Tara. Hoyt and Jessica take their romance to the next level; with Holly's help, Arlene puts her future in the hands of a goddess; post V-trip, Lafayette struggles with new demons."

Watch True Blood 3x11 Video Trailer Below.

Old Spitalfields Market: Antiques Day

When I was a little boy early on Friday mornings my dad would often take me to the Bermondsey Antiques Market, which fascinated me. Especially, as I had been told that under some obscure medieval English law the traders were allowed to sell "dodgy" and stolen goods (See: Marché ouvert).

Ever since then I have loved antique markets and I now continue the tradition with my one-year-old Arthur, taking him to antique markets. Above and below, some of those traders at the Spitalfields market and a short movie about a new evaluation programme Old Spitalfields Market is pioneering, which I thought may interest you...


The market also occasionally showcases the work of young designers, graduates who have recently finished studying in Menswear, Womenswear and Accessories design in the UK. Giving you the chance to see and buy the work of talented new British designers. For the dates of these events click here

Macaulay Culkin Turns 30

Who would not remember "Home Alone", the highest-grossing live action comedy of all-time?!!! Time passes really quickly for the child star Macaulay Culkin is now 30 years old. WoW! The actor was only 9 years old when he starred in the film. See his photo above.

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We are delighted to welcome a new partner Officers Club who have a great range of Mens jeans. Please take a moment to check out our new fashion partners offering, who along with all our partners, enable us to publish daily, Thanks in advance The Style Scouts...


Kim Kardashian is one sexy star in the Hollywood right now. She is gifted with a body that many girls want to have and a smile that can kill a man just standing. Kim Kardashian was said to be called by top company executive to endorse some health products but Kim Kardashian turned down the offers for her. Having a healthy and sexy body is what Kim Kardashian is good at. Kim Kardashian goes to the gym religiously. No wonder Kim Kardashian has this goddess body.

Pretty in Pink...


Miss Universe 2010 Swimsuit Photos

Miss Universe 2010 Swimsuit Photos. Photos were taken from various online sources.

Miss Universe 2010 Crowned, Runners-up and Special Awards

Miss Universe 2010: Mexico, Jimena Navarrete Rosete

1st Runner Up: Jamaica, Yendi Phillipps
2nd Runner Up: Australia, Jesinta Campbell
3rd Runner Up: Ukraine, Anna Poslavska
4th Runner Up: Philippines, Maria Venus Raj

Special Awards:
Miss Photogenic – Thailand, Fonthip Watcharatrakul
Best National Costume – Thailand, Fonthip Watcharatrakul
Miss Congeniality – Australia, Jesinta Campbell

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners especially to our very own Maria Venus Raj - Miss Philippines..

Miss Universe 2010 Top 5: Miss Philippines Makes it to the List


Making the Philippines proud, Maria Venus Raj made it to the top 5 of MISS UNIVERSE 2010.

The Top 5 are:

Miss Universe 2010 Top 10 List

 Miss Universe 2010 Top 10 List. Check here for the TOP 15.

The Top 10 in order of announcement:
Puerto Rico
South Africa

Miss Universe 2010 Top 15

 Miss Universe 2010 Top 15.This is already very late since I was not able to blog and watch at the same time. I was so focused with the pageant. But here are the updates.More post coming up.

The 15 semifinalists in order of announcement:

Puerto Rico
South Africa
Czech Republic
The Philippines


There is a rumor that there is a sex video of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. The sex tape of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt is like a myth that hard to be proven unless seen. Aside from Heidi Montag and Spence Pratt, there is also a video between Heidi Montag and Karissa Shannon.


Jennifer Aniston reunites with her former FRIENDS cast, Courtney Cox. Jennifer Aniston will be guesting her in Cougar Town and Cortney Cox was delighted to her friend Jennifer Aniston once again. The both of them were part of FRIENDS, a comedy show that was hit before.


When it comes to scams and misfortune, nobody beats Paris Hilton. Anywhere Paris Hilton goes, especially at night, she would experience malfunction in her wardrobe. Paris Hilton was aid to be talking to her friend when surrounding guys noticed that her tits was already looking outside the bra. Many thought that Paris Hilton was just fooling around that, she was not. Paris Hilton did not noticed that her tits was already exposed to all. Poor Pris Hilton

Vintage Market


Mariah Carey Pregnant?

Mariah Carey Pregnant? Is Mariah Carey pregnant? There are rumors about her pregnancy after recent public exposure revealed a bulkier, heavier Mariah Carey. But Mariah has denied this. However, telling from the photos below, you can't blame people from thinking otherwise. So what do you think? Is Mariah Carey pregnant or is it just some stomach gas? lol..

Anna Paquin Wedding PHOTOS!

Anna Paquin Wedding PHOTOS! The controversial wedding photos of Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have reached the net courtesy of Just Jared. The True Blood stars have tied the knot at a private residence in Malibu, August 21, 2010.

See Anna Paquin wedding photos below. More at Just Jared.

Anna Paquin wedding photos|Anna Paquin wedding dress photos

Cincinnati Bengals 2010 Schedule

Cincinnati Bengals Schedule| Cincinnati Bengals 2010 Schedule full list below. For the Dallas Cowboys Schedule refer here - Dallas Cowboys 2010 Schedule.

Cincinnati Bengals Schedule| Cincinnati Bengals 2010 Schedule
Pre Sun, Aug 8th, 2010 Dallas 8:00 PM
Pre Sun, Aug 15th, 2010 Denver 7:00 PM
Pre Fri, Aug 20th, 2010 Philadelphia 8:00 PM
Pre Sat, Aug 28th, 2010 Buffalo 6:30 PM
Pre Thu, Sep 2nd, 2010 Indianapolis 7:00 PM
1 Sun, Sep 12th, 2010 New England 1:00 PM
2 Sun, Sep 19th, 2010 Baltimore 1:00 PM
3 Sun, Sep 26th, 2010 Carolina 1:00 PM
4 Sun, Oct 3rd, 2010 Cleveland 1:00 PM
5 Sun, Oct 10th, 2010 Tampa Bay 1:00 PM
7 Sun, Oct 24th, 2010 Atlanta 1:00 PM
8 Sun, Oct 31st, 2010 Miami 1:00 PM
9 Mon, Nov 8th, 2010 Pittsburgh 8:30 PM
10 Sun, Nov 14th, 2010 Indianapolis 1:00 PM
11 Sun, Nov 21st, 2010 Buffalo 1:00 PM
12 Thu, Nov 25th, 2010 NY Jets 8:20 PM
13 Sun, Dec 5th, 2010 New Orleans 1:00 PM
14 Sun, Dec 12th, 2010 Pittsburgh 1:00 PM
15 Sun, Dec 19th, 2010 Cleveland 1:00 PM
16 Sun, Dec 26th, 2010 San Diego 8:20 PM
17 Sun, Jan 2nd, 2011 Baltimore 1:00 PM

Dallas Cowboys 2010 Schedule

Dallas Cowboys 2010 Schedule has been previously released. Those who failed to get a full look at the Dallas Cowboys 2010 Game Schedules, you can refer below for the schedules.

Dallas Cowboys schedule

Pre Sun, Aug 8th, 2010 Cincinnati 8:00 PM
Pre Thu, Aug 12th, 2010 Oakland 9:00 PM
Pre Sat, Aug 21st, 2010 San Diego 9:00 PM
Pre Sat, Aug 28th, 2010 Houston 8:00 PM
Pre Thu, Sep 2nd, 2010 Miami 8:00 PM
1 Sun, Sep 12th, 2010 Washington 8:20 PM
2 Sun, Sep 19th, 2010 Chicago 1:00 PM
3 Sun, Sep 26th, 2010 Houston 1:00 PM
5 Sun, Oct 10th, 2010 Tennessee 4:15 PM
6 Sun, Oct 17th, 2010 Minnesota 4:15 PM
7 Mon, Oct 25th, 2010 NY Giants 8:30 PM
8 Sun, Oct 31st, 2010 Jacksonville 1:00 PM
9 Sun, Nov 7th, 2010 Green_Bay 8:20 PM
10 Sun, Nov 14th, 2010 NY Giants 4:15 PM
11 Sun, Nov 21st, 2010 Detroit 1:00 PM
12 Thu, Nov 25th, 2010 New_Orleans 4:15 PM
13 Sun, Dec 5th, 2010 Indianapolis 4:15 PM
14 Sun, Dec 12th, 2010 Philadelphia 8:20 PM
15 Sun, Dec 19th, 2010 Washington 1:00 PM
16 Sat, Dec 25th, 2010 Arizona 7:30 PM
17 Sun, Jan 2nd, 2011 Philadelphia 1:00 PM

Cincinnati Bengals Schedule 2010

Harold Dow Dead

Harold Dow is dead. The popular CBS News correspondent died Saturday at the age of 62.The veteran CBS News correspondent died Saturday. He left behind a wife and 3 children.

What is the cause of death? It is not yet confirmed. I will just update for more on this sad news.

My condolences to the family.

Harold Dow connects Medgar Evers' legacy to President Obama's path to the White House

Jay Mariotti Arrested? How True?

Did Jay Mariotti got arrested? Rumors about Jay Mariotti's arrest is circulating online. Allegedly, ESPN blowhard Jay Mariotti was arrested by LA police officers on a suspicion of felony involving a domestic dispute with his girlfriend? What exactly is the felony is thus intriguing for the bail allegedly is at $50,000. 

Watch out for my updates on Jay Mariotti mugshot photos..

Miss Philippines Venus Raj in Evening Gown Competition PHOTO

Miss Philippines Venus Raj looking elegant and stunning in her evening gown for the Miss Universe Evening Gown Competition. For her swimsuit photos refer to the earlier post here- Miss Philippines Swimsuit Competition.

Miss Philippines Venus Raj in Evening Gown PHOTO
photo courtesy of Missology

Maria Venus Raj Swimsuit Photos

Maria Venus Raj swimsuit pictures are stunning. See our very own Miss Philippines in her swimsuit photos. I hope she makes it to the semi finals and hopefully win the crown.

Maria Venus Raj Swimsuit Photos
Courtesy of Miss Universe L.P., LLLP

Maria Venus Raj PHOTOS

Maria Venus Raj is the Philippines representative to the Miss Universe 2010 Pageant. An early favorite, Maria Venus Raj received the loudest cheers during the swimsuit and evening gown competition. She is considered as one of the top bets to win the crown. Offline and online Miss Philippines is a favorite.

In the Miss Universe Swimsuit competition, Venus Raj is a contestant to beat standing at 5 feet 9 inches tall, she has a vital statistics of 35-22-35.

Will Miss Philippines win Miss Universe 2010? Will Miss Philippines be crowned Miss Universe 2010 winner? Watch Miss Universe 2010 live on August 23, 2010 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Maria Venus Raj photos below. More photos will be added soon.

Venus Raj - Candidates' Introduction - Miss Universe 2010 Presentation Show

Venus Raj - Candidates' Introduction - Miss Universe 2010 Presentation Show.. See the crowd go wild as Miss Philippines introduces herself. She looks very gorgeous. Don't miss the live streaming of Miss Universe 2010 right here in this blog.

Venus Raj - Miss Universe 2010 Swimsuit Competition

Venus Raj - Miss Universe 2010 Swimsuit Competition ..Ma. Venus Raj was considered by pageant enthusiasts around the world as one of the front-runners during the Miss Universe presentation show last August 19, at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, USA.

Sort of a "flappers" 1920's look....



Meanwhile, if your in the East End, Jessica McNeil one of the volunteers St Margaret's House in Bethnal Green (23 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, E2 9PJ map>>) thought you may like to check out their Vintage Charity boutique "Ayoka". It opened in July as a fashion conscious charity shop selling quality second hand and vintage clothing for a good cause. More info >>

Venus Raj - Miss Universe 2010 Evening Gown Competition (VIDEO)

Venus Raj - Miss Universe 2010 Evening Gown Competition (VIDEO).. One of those instances where I can proudly say I am a Filipino.

Snooki Exposed Her Butt

What the heck! Snooki made a public exposure of her butt.. Yes, see images below. That's what one gets when you wear short skirts. Accidents happen and as for Snooki, that gave some bored eyes an instant adrenaline rush.In the photo, Snooki's butt was exposed -@ss out open for applause and ridicule..lol...