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What a great day to see LeAnn Rimes with her fiance Eddie Cibrian in Mexico. LeAnn Rimes was wearing her string bikini while enjoying the company of her fiance Eddie Cibrian. The couple were very sweet to one another but just like any Hollywood celebrity, their marriage is doomed to end sooner of later. Not all marriages in Hollywood last a lifetime and many Hollywood stars fall in love, get married and get a divorce immediately. But still congratulation to LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian.


David Beckham denies a allegation of a prostitute that David Beckham had an affair with her in 2007. Because of this allegation, David Beckham has filed a 25 million lawsuit against Irma Nici for this scandalous allegation. David Beckham has denied the sex event in 2007 saying that he never made any sexual intercourse with a prostitute and the allegation is very devastating for a family man like David Beckham. The prostitute said that David Beckham made several sex event with her in 2007 in whice David Beckham fully denied all the events as Irma Nici declared.

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On Brick Lane, last Monday...


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Many Hollywood celebrities find the beach the perfect place to relax and unwind from the busy schedule in the Hollywood entertainment world. Stephanie Seymour was spotted in the beach in St. Bart area. Stephanie Seymour is already 42 years old and still has a sexy body. Stephanie Seymour was wearing a pink bikini and was so happy in the beach front area. Stephanie Seymour looks like she is still in her early 30's.

What fake names does Justin Bieber use at hotels?

Justin Bieber has so many names for himself, we can barely keep up.

First, there's his rapping alter-ago Shawty Mane. And today, we've uncovered what fake name he used from a hit TV show to book a hotel room in Miami, where he hung with Selena Gomez.

The Biebs' latest alias is...

Chandler Bing!

A source confirms to me that he opted to use Matthew Perry's character name from Friends when he checked into the Gansevoort Hotel recently.

And Chandler Justin somehow managed to lock himself out of his suite after he ordered room service from STK around 1 a.m. on December 18.

When the hotel delivered his order, they found him locked out in the hallway with none other than Selena, Life & Style reports!

But this teenaged twosome wasn't drinking during their hotel hang. They ordered ginger ale and Pepsi. At least we have one Disney darling who's still (sorta) behaving herself!


Justin cries at the end of Down to Earth. :"(

Burnham covers Justin Bieber's Love Me!

Justin Bieber has opened up alot of doors? For Who?

How does Cody Simpson feel about all those Justin Bieber comparisons?


California dreaming...

On a break between haircuts outside Pimps & Pinups this guy told me that he'd just come back from vacation in Los Angeles. He also told me that John Hoad now lives in NYC....

If u did't know yet.. Justin Bieber was on TinyChat on Dec 28!

Justin Bieber Never Say Never: Where It All Began


Its a wonderful day for Bar Refaeli while bathing on the sunny beach of Mexico. Bar Refaeli is an Israeli model and she was spotted in Mexico doing some charitable missions. Bar Refaeli was taking her timeout from her hectic modeling schedule and went to Mexico to relax and enjoy the beach while wearing her sexy bikini. Bar Refaeli was getting all the attention in the beach area because of her sexy curvaceous body and the Bikini that Bar Refaeli was wearing really fits her body. Bar Refaeli shaves her pubic hair especially on her vagina area.

Snooki cool pictures


Feather gaiters

Found on a trip to Cyprus...

Effects of Not Drinking Coffee for 2 weeks!

Admitting that I am a coffee-holic is easy! I'm not the only addict especially in this modern fast world of ours, right? No big deal. I used to take a few cups daily of my favorite coffee 3 n 1 mixture. I used to drink during breakfast, a few hours after lunch, then in evening, before bedtime.. sometimes at midnight during long hours of cramming for examinations and preparing school projects. My coffee was my best companion especially when I was too occupied with school/work, when I was stressed and tired and needed a sudden boost of energy to stimulate my senses. Coffee is stimulating. It makes you instantly alert and attentive. Plus the antioxidants! The good things about coffee...

How about the not so good side effects of coffee. Coffee is addicting. And if you take too much of coffee with all the caffeine in it, it gives unpleasant results. Coffee stimulates the Central Nervous System causing an increase of "stress hormones", which makes you wide alert and attentive. But in the long run, this hurts our system. Imagine taking coffee everyday with that stress hormones in your body increasing day by day with every sip. This prevents one from relaxing. So eventually the drinker gets more stressed, lowering the immune system. Other side effects of coffee are fatigue, heart palpitations, irritability, bad skin condition, dry skin, sagging eyes and pimples! Oh yes girls, coffee can affect our looks and can trigger skin problems like pimple attacks! If you are having pimples and you don't know the culprit, and you are a coffee drinker, why not take the challenge to stop drinking coffee for a week or two and you will see an improvement in your skin condition.

Here's my story:

I refused amidst the violent protest of my inner self to drink coffee (and soda). It was a struggle at first. But I succeeded in not drinking coffee for 2 weeks. A forced deprivation! My sole intention was to see how my skin will improve without the caffeine on my system.

And the results??? Amazing indeed! My skin improved tremendously. Just after three days of no coffee, I noticed my facial skin looked plump, fresh, renewed and not dry. The skin around my eyes improved as well. Best of all, on the third day, I did not see any new pimple coming. And the pimple free skin continued for the duration of 2 weeks.  (I was worried only about the scars then)

So, my personal tip, if you have pimples, try skipping coffee and soda and you will see your skin condition will improve. Give it two weeks at least.
By the way, the other day, I drank coffee, as I really missed how it taste, and guess what,  a new zit just came out. Now I felt sorry. Anyway, I'm back to not drinking coffee again!

Till next time..

Happy holidays!

Size 50" knitting needle's

I remember from my childhood that size 8 needles are the average size, your mum or your grandma would use to knit you a nice bulky jumper. The needles he needed to use, large enough to manage this yarn he told me "felt as big as broom sticks to knit with". He sells them at his store at Etsy and when he lets me have the link I'll add to this post. He was so nice and even let me try his scarf on.

Then, I saw his whole look which was so many great layers: below