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Signs That A Guy is Flirting!

 Before we discuss some of the common signs of flirting exhibited by men, let us first define what flirting means. According to the dictionary, flirting means:

To make playfully romantic or sexual overtures.
To deal playfully, triflingly, or superficially with: flirt with danger.
To move abruptly or jerkily.
How do men flirt?  Men often flirt by showing their masculinity. They tend to put emphasis on exuding their being "masculine, their being "macho", as they think it attracts the female species. So how do men flirt? What are the common signs that a guy is flirting with you? Take the following signs that  a guy, is flirting  with you, although the list does not hold true all the time.

Common Signs That a Guy is Flirting with you:


* Arches his back.
* Sways his pelvis.
* Laughs loudly.
* Tugs his tie.
* Clasps back of his neck.
* Squares his shoulders.
* Puffs his chest.
* Stiffens his stance.
* Teases you in a friendly manner, such as by calling you names.
* Winks at you from a distance.
* Always compliments you.
* Smiles suggestively.
* Engages in direct eye contact.
* Casually touches you.

In the modern world with the advent of cellphones and social networking sites, he:

* texts/calls you often
* sends you suggestive messages
* always gets in touch with you on social networking sites by commenting on your every posts, every photo, every video (take this sign with extra caution as this is not conclusive, but you will know if a guy is flirting with you.)

Trust your intuition. Trust that woman instinct of yours which will give you that feel that a guy is flirting with you. A woman will always feel it. But remember to never jump into conclusions when it comes to matters like this. If you feel like a guy might like you, don't spread the word publicly. Keep it to yourself. Wait till he proposes or tells you upfront.  Otherwise you might end up embarrassed of your premature judgment and arrogance! :)

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Red was also strong....



50 Things Girls Wished Guys Knew

This is worth sharing. I don't know who made this article. But I agree to most of the things that are listed here.  If you like this article, feel free to share it to your friends via email or through twitter or facebook.  Also, don't forget to like my page on Facebook, I will appreciate it so much! :)

50 Things Girls Wished Guys Knew:

1. Don't freakin' tell us when you think other girls are hot.

2. Whenever possible during our favorite show, please say whatever you have to say during commercials.

3. If you don't act like soap-opera guys, then don't excpect us to dress like Victoria Secret models.

4. Mark anniversaries on a calendar. That's a must.

5. There is NO such thing as TOO MUCH spooning.

6. We think about you all the time. And I mean ALL the time.

7. This is how we see it... you don't call = you don't care.

8. Which also means that if we don't call, take the hint.

9. We like you to be a little jealous, but overly-possessive is not necessary.

10. Being able to make us laugh is so much more important than how much you can bench press.

11. Return the favor...we massage, you massage...

12. Show us your romantic side every once in a while, we love it.

13. We're allowed to be late...you are not.

14. Eye contact is key.

15. Don't take longer to get ready than we do.

16. Laugh at our jokes.

17. Three words...honesty, honesty, honesty.

18. Girls can be groupies, guy groupies are stalkers...

19. Tell us we're gorgeous or beautiful instead of hot or sexy.

20. Do not start with us...you will not win.

21. Would you like it if a guy treated your sister that way? ...Didn't think so.

22. If you ask nicely, we usually answer the same way.

23. We will never have enough clothes or shoes.

24. We have an excuse to act bitchy, at least once a month.

25. Open the door for us no matter where we are... even at our house or getting into a car.

26. We LOVE surprises!

27. We like to be kissed softly, not with an iron tongue.

28. Pay attention to the little things we do, because they mean the most.

29. Boxers and maybe boxer briefs but.....NEVER whitey-tighties!

30. Clean your room before we come over.

31. Always brush your teeth before you see us...a clean mouth and white teeth are a necessity

32. Love u, love you, luv u and love ya are totally different than I Love You.

33. Even though you are sometimes insensitive and hurt us, we still love you with everything we have.

34. Don't ask us to do things that we aren't ready for.

35. Don't act jerkish and ignore us around your friends.

36. Sometimes NO! really means NO!

37. "Wife Beaters" are not always an adequate form of fashion.

38. Do not bring up an ex-girlfriend, unless we ask.

39. Sensitive guys are great, but crying more than we do in a movie just isn't right.

40. Don't let ex-girlfriends cause drama, relationships are stressful enough.

41. It takes a special kind of stupid to forget birthdays.

42. Guys who are good cuddlers = guys who know how to satisfy a woman.

43. "Fat Chicks" have feelings too.

44. Silent treatment, shoulder shrugs, tears, yelling and nasty looks from us all add up to... YOU DID SOMETHING WRONG!

45. The excuse "I can't dance" is unacceptable...we'll appreciate the simple fact that you're trying.

46. Just because a girl doesn't pick up on the first ring, doesn't mean she's not waiting by the phone.

47. You don't have to spend a lot if it means a lot.

48. Don't say you love me if you don't mean it.

49. Do not lie to us...we will catch you, trust me.

50. When the girls get together, we talk about everything...meaning my best friend knows everything about you!

6 Ways to Get Your Ex Back

How to get your ex back? This sounds a tough question for everyone dealing with a broken relationship. Sometimes, relationships that have ended meant to end for good, while some relationships need a second chance or so and must be fought for to survive. Every relationship requires effort. But let us get to the meat of the 6 ways to get your ex back.

1. Wait and Relax. After a break up, don't rush into things. Give your ex a time to ponder things.  Give him some space. Give your ex a time to realize life "without you". And give yourself a time to cry if you must and think over things that transpired too.

2.  Control your emotions.  Don't call your ex and cry as if you are on the verge of committing suicide due to break up. This is emotional manipulation. Your ex may think you can't handle your emotions well and that you are manipulating him. This will fend him away.  Worst thing you want is a reconciliation with your ex because of manipulation.

3. Admit your mistakes and be a better you. It takes two to tango. Your ex may have faults of his own and so do you. Admit your mistakes that contributed to the break up and be a better you. Show to your ex that you are better now.  How? Your ex and you have common friends that can spread the word of how much your changed .

4. Show that you are always there for your ex. This is significant, as this shows you still care for him as a lover and as a friend. You and your ex have invested emotionally. More often , he will likely ask for your support in the form of advice or opinion on certain matters.

5. Look your best.  Not everything about you is likable to your ex. Let's admit that. Not all your physical attributes or how you dress or how you put your make up on is desirable for your ex. Now focus on these things. Learn to stay beautiful according to his standards. You are doing this to attract him. This is superficial of course. But you see the point, it will help you catch his attention plus it  will boost your confidence and self esteem. Now proceed to step 6.

6. Meet your ex on a friendly date. Don't appear emotionally disturbed as this will push your ex away. Remember ways 1 to 5. Don't be demanding! Don't make any verbal attempt at getting back on him yet. Remember to leave a fresh, better impression on your ex.

Your ex may or may not call you the soonest. But be patient. He will call you eventually if he still loves you. Instead of you making the obvious outward effort of getting back with him, he might just do that himself. However, take note that there is still a chance that he will not call you back and get back to you. But be strong. You can't always have all you desire in life. Look at life at a different perspective. Be positive and move on if you must!

Justin Bieber prefer older girls like Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber is 16 going on 17, and he definitely seems to have a thing for older women, like girlfriend Selena Gomez, 18.

There was recently some buzz created around the fact that Justin Bieber tweeted a message of congratulations to True Grit actress Hailee Steinfeld for her Oscar nomination, and of course, some assumed that this meant he was interested in her romantically.

When asked about possibly dating Hailee in a recent interview, Justin Bieber said, “She’s young. She’s like 14, I’ll be 17 in less than a month.”

Justin Bieber may think that a girl who is two years his junior is too young to date, but dating Selena Gomez, who is two years older than him, seems to suit him just fine. But no matter what age a girl is, admitting that he’s actually dating them has proven to be his biggest challenge.


Kardashian's Never Say Never Commercial

Video: Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Movie Date

Never Say Never 3D - His Number One Fan

Review of the passing season: London still Graige...

As I thing about spring I'm reflecting on the passing season... I have enjoyed the smokey colors of the season now passing and I wonder how this sensibility will evolve into the coming spring and summer... Meanwhile, a visiting Parisian grabbing a brake between meetings...

Justin Bieber on Jay Leno 2011!


Who would think that Madonna would look like this right now. Many thought that she won't go old because she is already an icon in the Hollywood industry and in the world. But the clock moves and the beauty that Madonna has before is no longer existing right now. Madonna is already 52 and a mother of four children. Even though her beauty is no longer with her, Madonna still can dance pretty well.


This the good news of the day. Charlie Sheen is going to rehabilitation center finally after he was rushed to the hospital due to drug addiction. It was reported that Charlie Sheen had this crazy 36 hours party fueled by drugs and stimulated by 5 porn stars and it was totally insane. Charlie Sheen voluntarily entered into the rehabilitation center. Charlie Sheen is doing the right thing by entering the rehab center. The location where the rehabilitation center is undisclosed for security reaso9ns for the actor.

Video: Justin Bieber - This is My World (documentary)

A much better documentary this time, though still made mostly from stolen YouTube clips and TV footage. Includes some full performances. This one was produced in the UK, where apparently they have different copyright laws ;)

The DVD is available here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B004CF3BYQ  however you must be able to play PAL-format discs.

YouTube: justinbaddict

Video: Justin Bieber's SHIRTLESS photoshoot!

Justin Bieber Shoots Super Bowl Commercial With Ozzy Osbourne

Remember when Ozzy Osbourne told Mark Hoppus he didn’t know who the f*ck Justin Bieber was? Well, it’s pretty safe to say he knows now.

The two stars were snapped wearing super futuristic gear as they shot a commercial that will air during the Super Bowl. In one shot, Bieber is posing with Ozzy and his wife, TV personality Sharon Osbourne. In another, Ozzy and Justin are shown shaking hands.

No word on if the two discussed the viral video moment (or if JB could even understand a word Ozzy said if they did).

Neon Limelight

The Journey

It's not just a movie!

Justin Bieber set for 'Today Show' during 'Never Say Never' tour!

Justin Bieber is looking to have quite a week starting Monday when it come to promotions for "Never Say Never." We have already heard a good bit about the 16-year old's two-day stint on "The Late Show with David Letterman" -- now, we have also found out about another appearance the singing star will be making.

On Monday morning, Justin will be on hand for "The Today Show," and will also be answering plenty of fan questions about anything and everything. How do you submit something? It's ultimately pretty simple -- you just have to head over to this link, submit a question, and then hope for the best. "Today" has been a frequent destination for Bieber in the past, as he performed there during the summer.

Check back for the next seven days, as we are going to have plenty of coverage throughout the entirety of Bieber's publicity tour for the new movie. As always, we appreciate your thoughts and comments below!


CHANNELING: "The Spirit of the Times"....

If you've seen the new Alexander McQueen collection you might agree with the zeitgeist reference in the title of this post...

Missing Pet: Miki ( Shih Tzu) --> FOUND!

Hooooray! Miki has been found!

The owner is very sad over the loss. Yesterday the Shih Tzu slipped out when the door was open and it could not be found. Despite putting up the posters, it was removed by persons unknown. If you are living nearby please help to look out.  If you have a website or blog, please post it.  And pass the word around to your friends.

Breed:Shih Tzu
Age11 year old
FeaturesNot wearing any collar or microchipped
Last SeenBlk 717 Pasir Ris St 72, Singapore 510717
Click here for map
Date Missing27th Jan 2011
ContactSze Chin at oszec@yahoo.com or
tel 9225-3177
RewardReward for safe return


Lady Gaga maybe the weirdest artist right now. Lady Gaga has evolved from composer to performer and to fashion guru. She has her own perfume line that is currently in the market today. But the strangest thing Lady Gaga thought about was creating a scent that smells like blood and semen. Lady Gaga called her scent maker and requested to incorporate in her scent, blood and semen smell because Lady Gaga thought that was fitted best in her perfume line. Lady Gaga's major fans composed of young women and gays that are religious followers of the Lady Gaga cult. Incorporating blood and semen smell in her perfume is extremely crazy. No wonder she is called Lady Gaga for nothing.

Meaning of Kisses: Know What a Kiss Means!

A kiss is a gesture of our affection to another person. But when it comes to the opposite sex, what does a kiss really mean? What does a kiss on the hand mean? How about a kiss on the cheek? A kiss on the neck? And of course a kiss on the lips? Ever wondered?

Here are the answers to your sexylicious inquiries- The Meaning of Kisses:
Kiss on the hand
- I adore you.

Kiss on the cheek
- I just want to be friends.

Kiss on the neck
- I want you.

Kiss on the lips
- I love you.

Kiss on the ears
- Let's have some fun.

Kiss on the nose
- Let's get silly.

Kiss anywhere else
- You're the best.

Kiss on the forehead
- I care for you! (akin to what parents do to their children)

An average person spends spends two weeks of their life kissing! That's a lot of kissing! :)

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