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My First Interview in Starbucks

Ok I'm here waiting for the Starbucks manager to interview me.
He still needs to interview one more person before me.

So I'm waiting.

Alot of exciting thoughts come playing endlessly in my mind.

Will I make it in the f&b world??

I know it's gona be tough.
Physically, mentally or emotionally.

But I just say. And pray.

Jesus, please be with me.


Will update u.

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Are Men Breast Obsessed?

There is a common notion that men like big breasted women. Hence, the statement “The bigger a woman’s bust, the stronger a man’s lust.”

Photo Credit: Me (of course I made this myself)

While enjoying my grocery shopping, the other day, one big breasted woman passed by me. She must be a cup D or E. How I felt belittled seeing the huge endowment she possessed. Darn am only cup "tot"(ah never mind...hehehe.. )She flaunted her ample cleavage like they were hotcakes for sale. The men all over her went drool at the size of what they saw- a magnificent landscape on sight! There was stillness and silence as if the men were devoured by two very welcoming, definitely non life-threatening enchanted peaks! I was about to tell her “Move away! Hide your mountains before another’s eyes and eyelids stop blinking!” lol... (Though, I hoped they had no thoughts of grabbing what they saw..gosh!)

Are men really breast obsessed? Maybe “breast-obsessed” is too much of a word! One thing is certain though “men like the pleasant sight of breasts before them”. One (because) they don’t have them. Two, they accentuate the difference between men and women. Three, they trigger their sexual fantasies.

Breast size doesn’t really matter to most men. Ten thousands eyes may be cast on bigger boobies, but that doesn’t mean the smaller ones won’t get ten thousand tongue applause too...(oh don’t think naughty now...;))

High Bulging Forehead: Sign of Superior Intelligence?

“I’m a dangas girl, like my mother!” (Loose Translation: "Dangas" means “malaki noo or bonbonan”/ big or bulging forehead)

I remember this line pretty well.

At age 6 and below, I was always asked to say this line in front of all my uncles and aunties. It appeared as if I was bragging at having a high bulging forehead. My relatives seemed entertained as they watched a 6 year old cheerfully and innocently boasted about her bulging forehead. That wasn’t embarrassing at all as they’d bribe me with big claps, and few cents to a peso. They all loved my little presentation, I knew by their merry eyes. . Then I’d slowly exit, with that childish grin thinking “Yeheey Naa ko Kwarta!” (loose translation: “Yeheey, I have money!”) It felt like I outsmarted them all to giving me some cash with a simple sentence. Now I know they tricked me for fun’s sake..lol..

Anyway, is a high bulging forehead a sign of superior intelligence? This is the common belief that’s not proven scientifically. Having a bulging forehead does not indicate above average brainpower. So don’t get intimated upon the sight of someone with bigger/wider forehead than yours. Seriously, a high bulging forehead means just one thing: “a high bulging forehead”. heheh

I Need to Scream Aloud or Die!

I agonize over every pimple I get these past days, in the same vein as I fret over every frown line I notice on my face. I know am getting older everyday, but to see new pimples all over my face freaks me out. Anxiety over my damned pimples has seized me. I try to comfort myself with made up suppositions like “The pimples will be gone tomorrow.” These are just allergies. Having taken antihistamine, my face will be better tomorrow”. But I am not even an inch close to convincing myself. The next day I wake up with new zits giving me morning pangs of hideous truth right in front of my mirror. What you might mistake here as exaggeration to the point of madness is often called as vanity... but is pleasant to the ears when termed as health consciousness. Lol..

Instead of tossing over tear soaked Kleenex tissue for all of these, I try to ward off the feeling of depression I feel over my seriously affected physical appearance and sex appeal. hahahaha.. Okay let me say the first “eeww” (heightened voice) to the last few words I said..hihihi..

Seriously, I couldn’t bear anymore the hypocritical smiles I imagine from other people. Yes, I am creating my own ghost so to speak. But I need to vent this feeling, scream aloud or I die... (okay, am exaggerating again...:))

Tiger Woods Apology Speech Video (February 19, 2010)

OMG! Tiger Woods made a 13 minute apology speech for his selfish, foolish behavior and affairs with women. This is the full video of Tiger Woods' Press Conference. The Tiger Woods' affairs with women almost ended Tiger Woods' salad days, as evidenced by many sponsors who have dropped Tiger Woods as a top endorser of their products.

Earlier this Friday, Tiger Woods issued a press conference. The full video below for you to watch. It's up to you to decide on his sincerity.

Silly Questions from a Chatmate!

Idle hands are the devil’s handiwork.. Nyay, that doesn’t sound good, so to kill the boredom I felt a few hours ago I logged in to my Yahoo Messenger account and joined “Mindanao Chatroom”. Ironically, instead of meeting chatters from Mindanao, Philippines, I met chatters from India, UK, and USA. There was this one chatter from India who said he was a psychology student. He started to ask questions related sex.. sigh! Most male chatters do.. So anyway, the conversation went this way:

He said: Do you enjoy sex?

I said: (jokingly or was it.. hahhaah.. figure it yourselves) “Yes”

He said: With whom?

I said: With my boyfriend.

He said: Do you do it weekly.. mam.

I said: No.. depending on our mood. How about you?

He said: Yes very much with my aunt..

--- I cried out silently “Incest!” But I was still nice as pie..

I said: What?

He said: Yes, she would call me if she wants to.

--- I needed to get the heck out of this nonsense conversation..

I said: Okay. I have to go. Nice chatting with you.

He said: last question, mam

I said: yes.

He said: why ladies wear bra can’t understand, mam..

--- I laughed... What a silly question!

I said: (Simply I said) hahaha.. bra support our breasts. Otherwise gravity will take its toll on our breasts and they get saggy.. hahahaha..

He said: Its so soft ..mam..

I never replied then..

What a conversation we had! It did kill my boredom at the same made me laugh..hahaha!

I thought You Were Gay.. I still do think the same way at times

I’m fed up! I just need to get a few things out my head. Otherwise, I would explode.

Seriously, I really thought he was gay and I still think he is gay at times. He is a smart person., a constant honor student and is now an accomplished professional. But we all think of him as gay. He is just soft in his ways.. But my crystal ball is foggy this time so I'd like to keep this "gender issue" ending with a comma, rather than a period.

In the past, he courted me. It’s not that I was spellbound or something but my world seemed to have stopped in shock. Armageddon!!! I knew my subconscious mind echoed to me “Could this be the end of the world?”. In a snap I was back into myself and realized the truth, a ROMEO is expressing his love for me. But only this time, ROMEO is GAY or likely gay! lol..

There was not a chance that we could be lovers. There was no love, no chemistry..Things just didn’t feel right. I likened it to buying lingerie. No matter how beautiful the lingerie is, but when you slip it on, it’s either too loose or too tight. Buying it is just a waste of money.

I’m talking about this thing now because he again reiterated his “love” for me a few days ago (in a jiffy) and dropped the nuclear bomb guy lingo through a cowardly text: "I am in love with you.. Am truly, madly, deeply in love with you."

He also mentioned about “first love never dies” thing. So cliché! I felt like I was opening my history book upon hearing his words. My past just got dug up and I had to re-live in it again...re-enacted the past of saying “NO” to him. I’m sure it hurt him. But the biggest issue really is not about his being gay or gay-ish. It’s more on the genuineness of the intentions. For years we haven't seen each other, and then he came up through text and told me how he much loves me.. In my book, that is so questionable. He couldn't fall in love with me again in a blink of an eye!

Oh well,
I just let this roll off my shoulders, and just guess that he could be in his cups, intoxicated and all when he said those words and let karma do its thing.

Note: To the guy, if you read this, please don't get mad at me.. I'm just being true. And I will try not to talk about "love" in my next articles..hehehe..

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You’re married and you want to date me? Are you out of your stupid brains?!

I can’t be a home wrecker and never will I be!

This guy is married and he wants to date me.

The story is simple. We were schoolmates. We casually knew each other, not until we joined the same review class for we were sort of introduced. I paid respect to him by calling him “Sir”. Nothing unusual then, not until I wore a jacket to the review class. He seemed to have a different look at me. We talked and he asked me quite a few things. Since I repeatedly called him “Sir” he again told me to just call him by his first name. That’s odd! He is older than me.. he’s an engineer and all my other friends don’t call him by his first name. A bit suspicious.. I insisted I call him “Kuya ___”, to which he objected but later on didn’t bother at all. So I shook off any bit of inkling I initially had.

On that same day, I was too tired and bored to finish the review class, so I wanted to sneak out. He volunteered to carry my bag for me. The plot was this, I leave the room, carrying nothing, and then he will follow with all my things hidden in his jacket (am not sure if he was wearing a jacket then...) So I successfully left the review class without the lecturer knowing. There were times when he’d treat me for snacks during breaks in our review class. . He did the same thing to his other friends too, I guess.

One weekend, we travelled together back to another city. We boarded the same taxi bound for the terminal. He paid the taxi for both of us. He also paid the fare of the bus for me. I told him I could very well pay for the fare but he insisted. He really seemed like a “Kuya” so I had no suspicion. We talked in the bus about his life but more on his children. We arrived safely and parted ways.

Let’s fast forward this story ... shall we? Let’s get to the meat of this nonsense narration..hehehe.

Last month, he texted me as he was going somewhere. He asked if I have plans of going there too. I said yes but not this time. He said he was going so why not I go too.. I politely responded, it’s not yet time for me to go, besides my finances ain’t enough yet as I am jobless.. To my surprise he said, he would pay the one way fare. Shiver me timbers! Santa Claus came by early! Shocked, I said, no thanks. Going on a trip with a married man is definitely not my cup of tea. Heaven forbids!

Let’s hit the forward button again...

This Valentine ’s Day he greeted me but the word “dear” was added in his message.

I said something like : “please don’t even joke about calling me “dear” because you are married.. what if someone reads your message.. "

to which he responded :“it’s just gonna be the two of us who will know”.

Then he said he wanted to date me this Valentine ’s Day! Things couldn’t be clearer now. Holy. cow! This man is out of his head! Whether his intentions were pure or not, I don’t care. The point is, it’s not right for him to ask me that!

Okay so I said something like: “Sorry, I’m taken”

He said: “So you have a boyfriend”... “Just don’t tell him”

And then he made a last-ditch for the night saying: “Come on, let’s go on a date!”

On Valentine’s Day itself, he asked me out again. I rejected the indecent offer.

After Valentine’s Day he texted me asking if I was still in ______. I said yes, and he said he wanted to date me.

I blatantly said "no .. adding, it’s not right.. what if your wife knows this.. blah blah blah.."

He responded, “she (wife) won’t know am with a beautiful lady”.

I said: "Stop it! I’m taken. Bye.."

This guy is like loose cannon. But I won’t fall in the kind of trench he has prepared. I’m not a home wrecker. Just the thought of dating a married guy is drowning my sanity! .I have no feelings for him! He is married! I’m taken! Let sleeping dogs lie.

I used to see a good man in him. But now I see a treacherous tongue and traitor heart! Worst I see a cheating husband, who sends sweet words to other women and goes home to his wife as if nothing happens. Am glad am not a headless chick that jumps into just about anything. I still have my morals intact. I will not go into a slippery slope like this and entangle myself with a married man, not even in my last hurrah, not even in my death bed. He better sling his hook!

Perth Chillax

I miss Perth. Hope I can visit my friend this April.
Would love to go roadtripping.

Thought I can blog.

Well, here I am and would like to seek your suggestions, tips, help
in Blogging.

You see, I have been blogging for like 3 years now and I am getting frustrated.
My adsense takes months to have a check out while I know some bloggers that
are earning $200 plus per day and even thousands.

WhaT is my problem? Where have I gone wrong?

You see,

I love blogging but I also want to monetize it but just don't know how.
Someday, I'm gona ditch my 8-5 job and then just focus on what I really love
but I just need someone to show me how.


Links, Tutorials, articles would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

The World Without Men

Men are complex beings in the kingdom animalia. They are hard to understand, at times stubborn, yet at times submissive. They say men are from mars and women are from venus. Too much for a poetic license... we’re no alien. We’re from earth, where women can’t live without men, and men can’t live without women.

But, woman, imagine the world without men!
Allow my ingenious psyche to set off my tedious imaginations. Bear in mind this is one of the most difficult thing to do in a woman’s existence, for the time being I will be removing all the “HEs” in my life. Imagine how lonely would that be! I’m making this short for it’s like committing suicide!
Okay, here I go. . I’m gathering my full prowess to be able to start my journey to a life without men inside my aching skull and griping heart (i need some pain relievers.. nyah!)..

Without men, there’ll be less war in the world.
Without men, there’ll be fewer crimes.
Without men, our prison cells will be less crowded.
Without men, there’ll be less of those cars, and moving things that men drive that hurt the environment..
Without men, there’ll be less road accidents.
Without men, the car industry, video games industry will die.
Without men, the dictionary will be restructured, dropping the words “he, him, his”, etc.
Without men, Playboy and the porn industry are dead.
Without men, the beauty and fashion industry will collapse.
Without men, what’s the purpose of sexy thongs and lingerie.. victoria’s secret is doomed!
Without men, you’d see ugly women everywhere.
Without men, you’d see lots of fat women everywhere too.
Without men, there’ll be no fathers, brothers, boyfriends and husbands.
Without men, what’s going to happen to sexual congress?
Without men, all women would be lesbians.
Without men, there’ll be no gays.
Without men, what’s going to happen to human proliferation?

... such a forlorn world would that be!
... when this happens, (I dread), am sure to raise my cry to the judges of the world.. a protest with relevance far more than any problem this world has faced.. A world without men.. there is no condition more terrible than this..Let this not happen, lest it be the end of the world, lest it be hell.

The God in the heavens has created such complex creation called “men” to live side by side with “women”. Since time immemorial, men and women have been co existing. Men and women living under one sun is equilibrium. We may sometimes or oftentimes hate the male species, but women we all love our men. We don’t want to live a life without them, don’t we? So to all men, please don’t leave. . .Stay!

Note: Please pardon any grammatical, or typo errors. I write as I think and feel, with less room for proof reading or editing.

This article may not be copied, or published or used in any way without my express permission.

Terms of Endearment: Tips in Choosing Plus Examples

No matter how cheesy or cheap they may sound, terms of endearment, those unique, bizarre, funny, sometimes out from nowhere names we call our significant other just add to the spice in any relationship.

How do you call your partner? Dear? Honey? Sweetie? Baby? Pie? Lab? Kitty? There are tons of names available out there that you can use or create a unique one for your partner. I’ve thought of some cute terms and coined some.. You can use them at your own liking. Here they are Muffin, or Munchkin, or Chocobabe, or chocohunk, or love-a-babe or love-a-doo, smoochie,. Of course it would be best if you coin the term yourself, something distinct. Go wild and crazy yet funny and sweet at the same time.

Finding a hard time picking the perfect term of endearment for you and your partner. Here are some of my personal tips to help you.

1. Think sweet- literally. What’s your favourite sugary food or cake, or candy? Or what was the first sugary thing your partner gave you? Derive your terms of endearment from it. For instance, your partner gave you chocolates, you can use – chocobabe, chocopie, chocohun, or “late” or “colate” or “yum-yum” or “yummy”,

2. Use the funny names you used to tease each other when you were not yet officially on. Examples would be “chub” (chubby), “icken” (chicken) etc..

3. Think food. Use “Fruitcake”, “dumpling”, “pudding”, “pumpkin”, “bunwich”, “peach” , “tootsies, etc.

4. Think sexy. Use “Hottie”, “hot-stuff”, “seducer”, “delicious”, ”twinkles” “baby-aah!” or “baby-ooh!”, “sexy-ahh or sexy-ohh”, “love-a-babe or love-a-doo” etc.

5. Use common fun terms – “Cuddles”, “Giggles”, “Snuggles”

Remember no matter how cheesy your term of endearment may be its still one way of flirting and expressing your love. So go ahead be cheesy. You’re not alone! Your only limit is your imagination.

Note: terms of endearment in red font color are personally coined by me or so I thought.. :)

This article may not be copied, used, or republished without my express permission.

My First Onitsuka Tiger Shoes

Introducing! My first Onitsuka Tiger shoes. Wooohooo!

They are fairly comfortable. I'm very happy with my purchase.

Definetely, it's shopping-friendly!

Gonna collect some more of this.

If anybody is on the fence about purchasing these sneakers, jump off and start ordering!

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Email Scam

I received this kind of email 4yrs. ago and up to now they are still on it. I wonder how much money they are making for cheating on people like this. Tsk! Thats why I'm blogging this out to warn you.
How they are doing it?

First of course, they will send you this notification to ask you to send them your personal infos like name, address and contact number.

PLS. Don't!

Their goal is to ask you some $$$ to process and fund transfer the mentioned winning amount to your account. Or some will ask you to deposit any amount in their bank account just to prove you're the right person qualified for the prize. Then, they will request you to transfer an amount like maybe $500-$1000 on their account. Of course, if you are stupid, you will say "what's $1000 when I will have $4million . Rofl!

At first it makes you feel excited thinking about the $$$ but as the communication prolongs, the next conversion would become such a drag. Lolx!

I am sharing this based on my experience. If you ever receive an email like this and still have doubts,it is better that you ask around first or investigate.

How can you win a lotto when you didn't even buy the tickets.

Pls. read the email below.

Dear Lucky Winner,


We are pleased to inform you of the result of the just concluded annual
final draws of McDonalds Annual Promo.

The online McDonalds KL, Malaysian Annual Promo draws was conducted by a
random selection of email addresses from an exclusive list of 29,031
E-mail addresses of individuals and corporate bodies picked by an advanced
automated random computer search from the internet. However, no tickets
were sold but all email addresses were assigned to different ticket
numbers for representation and privacy.

After this automated computer ballot, your e-mail address emerged as one
of twelve winners in the fourth category for the second prize with the
following data:

Ref Number: EAASL/941OYI/02/SHYN
Batch Number: 12/25/0034
Ticket Number: 025-11464992-750

You as well as the other winners are therefore to receive a cash prize of
ONLY) each from the total payout.

Your prize award has been insured with your e-mail address and will be
transferred to you upon meeting the requirements, statutory obligations,
verifications, validations and satisfactory report.
To begin the claims processing of your prize winnings you are advised to
contact our licensed and accredited claims agent/security company
for SECOND category winners with the information below: You are also
advised to give the following information’s to the claim's agent via email

1. Full name and address:
2. Country:
3. Tel and fax number:
4. Occupation:
5. Your Reference and Batch number at the top of this mail:
6. Age:

Dr Harry Hector,
Email: mcdonalds.malaysia@live.com.my
Phone: 00-601-720-65605

NOTE: All winnings must be claimed within 20 days from today. After this
date all unclaimed funds would be included in the next stake.
Remember to quote your reference information in all correspondence with
your claims agent.
You are to keep all lotto information away from the general public
especially your reference and ticket numbers. (This is important as a
case of double claims will not be entertained).

Members of the affiliate agencies are automatically not allowed to
participate in this program.

Thank you and congratulations!!!
Yours faithfully,
Azmir Jaafar,
Managing Director McDonalds Malaysia.

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The Guilt of Hurting Him Over and Over!

He courted me back in high school for over 2 years. Speaking of persistence and patience, this guy has it. He is the perfect example of a person who waits for the sake of what he believed back then as “Love”. He said his “I love You” to me, sent me love letters almost every week, sent me cards, bought me gifts, sent me flowers, etc . He was just sweet. Wherever I was, you will see him. He’d write my notes for me. He’d fetch me in the house after lunch for school and would accompany me back home after school. He was like a shadow. You’d see him if you’d see me.

I was really straightforward with him as well as with my other suitors. I told him I wasn’t ready for love and that I only see him as a friend. Way back then, I never fully understand what love was. All I knew was that I was too young for it. Being the youngest girl in the family, the Class President, and the top contender for the Honours, all eyes were on me. I knew I wasn’t ready and I’ve not yet felt what Juliet might have felt for Romeo. Definitely he wasn’t my Romeo and neither was I his Juliet. But he had the patience, which I may guess had evolved into faith with serene hope that he shall achieve what his heart strived for. He said he was willing to wait until I am ready. But I wasn’t ready for him. He finally gave up after over 2 years of daily courtship. Yes daily! He’d miss boys’ gatherings and barkada gimmicks all because of me. So he gave up accepting rejection. I feel sorry for him. He wasted those two years for someone who didn’t love him back. But I didn’t want to fake my feelings for him out of pity.

Then he found a girlfriend, but not without asking permission from me and consulting me for approval. I felt happy for him for finally he had learned to live his life without me, start anew love story, but this time a happy one. Then our friendship was shattered. He got mad at me and hated me. I couldn’t go into the details why, let’s just leave that part private. So, we parted ways after our graduation with so much bitterness in our hearts. He hated me but I hated him more!

There was no communication between us until I finished college.

Time must have healed the wounds in our hearts for we were able to talk and laugh in our first ever reunion. We recounted the bad times and learnt to forgive and forget. But that get together must have rekindled the forgotten feelings he’s got for me. He started to show interest once more and expressed his desires to start from scratch and woo me again. I didn’t take it seriously yet remained truthful in telling him, we couldn’t be more than friends. I hurt him again!

We exchanged numbers, texted, talked on the phone and remained friends. Then our communication died. Years passed again then we were able to reconnect. Now he remains persistent in his feelings for me. He starts to court me again. A cycle that has its roots back in high school. He keeps calling me, morning, noon, night. I always tell him he’s got not a chance. Every call he makes to express his love for me, he gets my blatant “rejection”. But he is one hard headed stubborn wanting to be my “ROMEO”. His persistence is overwhelming. But it’s not enough to win me! He called the other day asking me to be his date for Valentines Day. He was willing to fly from Manila to where I am just to be with me on that special day. But I told him, I have another date with someone. I knew how it crashed his heart upon hearing it. I hurt him again! Another rejection... which he again accepted. Then he texted me saying “gudnyt t_ _, I love you always. Sori..”

The guilt of hurting this guy hasn’t set in until today as am writing this. Guilt .. because his only mistake was to love me... I feel sorry for him. I truly am..

Just How Hard it is To Forgive

Do you hate someone? Do you easily forgive the persons who do wrong to you?

Forgiveness is a very common word. When we were kids we often hear our parents talked about forgiveness and that’s basically how we learn to say sorry. But it was easy back then to say sorry and or to forgive. As kids we barely know what hatred is. But now forgiveness is too hard to give, especially when the wrong committed is just too grave, especially when the person who has wronged you is too insensitive to utter the word sorry. The world we live in is an unfair world; people (most) are unfair at each other.

I acknowledge I hate some people. If I don’t acknowledge that fact, I detour around the predicament of forgiveness. I’m not perfect and I’m not too good to not hate. If you tell me you have not hated someone you are a big LIAR. You might want to go to your room for a moment of silence, and ponder, your senses might come back and you realize you are also a hater.

Hate can easily consume us. Hate can easily destroy us. It can assault as every time, any time, anywhere. Hate travels with you, it sleeps with you. And let me guess even in the process of engaging in sexual congress hate may even engross you.. (Hahahaha, am just partly kidding..) Seriously, hate lives immortality even if the object of your hate is buried below the churchyard. Hate may not have the decency, the civility to die even when the hated is dead. That’s how vicious hate is.

Forgiveness is essential to killing hate to a final rest. But like what I said, forgiving is very hard. When hate is planted, revenge is fueled. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Many of us have this unwritten rule “You hurt me! I hurt you back”. Is it innate in human nature to redeem evil by an evil deed of retaliation? Such that when we are hurt the first thing that comes to mind is “revenge”? But when we get our revenge is the hate gone? Are we relieved? Do we even the score? I doubt!

Forgiving is tough. It’s not an easy process, especially when the wound is so deep. I hate some people. I’m battling with it. I must forgive even if no sorry was ever said, even if my blood boils at the very thought and site of my enemy, even if I am not able to get my revenge, even if doing so seems to mean losing. Yes it does seem like you lose the battle and your enemy wins if you forgive. But when you really analyze it, when you forgive you free a prisoner, yourself. When you forgive you win! Forgive to find peace, serenity and happiness. Forgive because you know that’s right.

If you can think of those people who have hurt you and then you can freely exercise the power to wish them well, then forgiveness has begun.

What if He Asks You for a Date: Does it mean he likes you?

What if a guy asks you for a date? What’s that suppose to mean? Does it mean a guy likes you? Does it mean he is interested in you? Technically, dating is defined as a form of courtship, an act of meeting and engaging in some mutually agreed upon social activity with the aim of assessing each other’s suitability as partner in an intimate relationship (wikipedia). However, this technical definition doesn’t hold true all the time especially nowadays. Hence, a woman faces one of the initial challenges of dating, whenever a guy asks her for date without defining whether it is a friendly date or a romantic date. Some guys ask their girl friends on nights out or dinner without having any romantic interests whatsoever to them. Hence, it is perplexing to gauge a guy’s real interest in you when he simply asks you out absence any other romantic indicators. The guy maybe interested in you but not romantically. The slightest streak of assumption in this aspect is always dangerous. A woman must never assume.

When a guy asks you for a date, stand on the safer ground and do not drown yourself with unfounded assumptions and unlikely expectations.

Do not be mistaken by a man’s courtesy. Some men are really courteous. A man may listen to you when you talk. He makes eye contact showing focus and attentiveness to you whenever the two of you are together. But that doesn’t mean he is interested in you romantically. He may simply be courteous brought about by his good human relation skills. In short, he socializes pretty well.

Do not be mistaken by a man’s curiosity. A man may asks you so many questions like “Are you married?”, “Do you have a boyfriend?”, “What traits do you like in a guy?” or “Have you eaten?”, “Do you like flowers or chocolates?”, etc. Questions like these can set the “he might be interested in me” alarm but he could just be simply curious, no more no less. Do not assume. In worst case scenario, a guy may be asking you these questions because someone else is interested in you and not him.

Do not be mistaken by his sweetness and thoughtfulness. Some men are pleasers of women, without any romantic ties involved. A guy may call you daily or send you morning and evening greetings through texts every single day. But mind you, he might also be doing the same thing to other girls, so be cautious and don’t jump into conclusions.

Do not be mistaken by his stares at you little longer than usual. Take notice of a man’s pupils dilating. If that’s the case, he could be interested in you. Accordingly, a man’s pupils can grow 4 times bigger when he is attracted. But remember, the pupil also dilates to allow light to pass through for better vision.

Do not be mistaken by his flirts. Some men like to flirt in the hope you’d fall for them although there is really no genuine interest. So be careful. Some men just want to see you NAKED ASAP and want to feel your skin pressed against them. Sex may drive men to seek you out. Yes men may think you are sexy and it’s a compliment, but on one hand, with this goal in the minds of men, you may just be some piece of warm meat for them.

Deciphering if a man is interested in you on the basis of a single request for a date is tough. While there may be other hints or signs pointing to the affirmative, but they must be weighed carefully with utmost objectivity.

Some positive sign of real romantic interest:

He talks about you all the time.

He always tries to get near you or around you.

He likes to tease you, call you names or crack jokes, sometimes not funny jokes at all. Men do this to get a woman’s attention.

He asks about you from other people. When a guy starts to asks those people around you of certain information about you he may be seriously interested in you to even take the time and effort to get extra information about you. Also consider his efforts at befriending people you know.

He buys you gifts, flowers, or chocolates.

He introduces you to his friends and family which he has not done to his other girl friends. In short your name is not foreign to his circle of friends and family.

He asks you for date more than once. When a guy likes a woman the first major step to show it is to date her romantically. When a man has positive strong feelings for you, he will make the effort to ask you out on a date even if he fears rejection for the second or third time. It only shows he is aggressive to pursue his intentions towards you.

Do bear in mind that men are easy and sometimes hard to read. But when they can’t find the right words to express their true feelings, they resort to body language. So learn how to read their moves.

But also take note that the common cliché signs that a guy likes you are not always true. Men are complex beings and each and every Romeo, dear Juliet meets may be different. The test to determine a guy’s real intention to you must be taken on a case to case basis in the light of attending circumstances. There is really no hard and fast rule.

Note: This article may not be copied or used in any way without my expression permission.

Orgasmic Thrill Over an iPAD!

Darn it! I want to get myself an iPAD! Can someone get me one?!

I’m experiencing one of those moments in ones life that you feel like dying for something. Aaaaah! I feel like am pregnant woman with special wants that I want to be given to me right this instance. I have morning sickness but one that doesn’t make me puke, but makes my mind twinge morning after morning thinking about it. But who impregnated me? Yay!!! It must be the guy online or that tv man demonstrating the iPAD! Lol..

Seriously I want to get an iPAD! There is no better way to sexily describe my desires for an iPAD than that of an orgasmic thrill..So what’s that orgasmic thrill? Nyahahahha! Don’t let me explain, not now.. maybe later via pm or text..weheheh!

I want an iPAD badly. I have now this moment of excited curiosity and intense longing. I’m savouring every moment of it. The only way I could feed my desire is to think of it and let it happen inside the realms of my head to the edge of illusion. Illusion I willingly enjoy and a deception I believe momentarily. This too shall pass but for now I’m enjoying the thrill and ecstasy of thinking of owning one.. heheh..

Hay, maypa matulog na lang sko .hehhehe..

Ten Ways to Seduce Your Man

Men like to be seduced. So how do you seduce your man this valentines day? Don't go with the traditional lip pouting and beautiful eyes. Be imaginative. Use that seductive power in you that only a woman can possess!

Here are some ways to seduce your guy.

1. Send him a sexy mms picture of yourself in your best and sexiest night dress or just wear a white transparent shirt that goes in length just above your knees and don't forget to wear a red sexy lingerie.

2. Give him a gift this valentines and wrap it with your sexiest undies. Wheew this one's really sexy!

3. Give him a show! Perform a striptease. Men love the slow nakedness in the beat of a romantic music.

4. When he calls talk to him in your "sexiest night-you two alone" voice.

5. Whisper some dirty talk to him while he is talking with his boss! Just imagine how the concentration will shift from his boss to you.

6. After a shower, still wrapped in a towel, with no undies on, slowly bend over while he is at your back watching you. Make sure he sees your gorgeous booty.

7. Join him in a shower. Couples should do this every once in a while.

8. Just lie naked when he gets home. This is the easiest seductive move!

9. Accidentally but purposely touch his "private weapon" while you are doing some grocery shopping. A little public tease can add to the seduction!

10. Talk to him as if you are about to kiss him but not really. Just give him that impression and he'll go crazy wanting to get that lips of yours touch his.

Note: This is a repost. The same article may be found in my other blogs. May not be copied or used in any way without my permission.

Remembering the Past: Senti Mode!

The other day I was feeling bored so to console myself with the boredom I felt I decided to go to the back portion of our house to check on the mini aquarium the family built and to take a peek at my old elementary school which is just at the back of our house. Unfortunately the gate was locked so I couldn't get any closer to my Alma Matter.

Back Gate leading to the Elementary School

mini aquarium

I just had a thorough stare at the surroundings around me and tried recalling some good memories. I remembered there were plenty of trees in this spot before (cacao, guava tree, coconut tree, etc). Kuya and I, together with our friends would then climb the trees to satisfy ourselves with the ripe fruits. It's also the same area where me and my friends and neighbors played. I could still recall how I would climb the guava tree with my high school notebooks with me to study. It was my way of isolating myself from everyone else when I wanted to just bury myself with nothing else but notes and books. On top of the tree, I would lean towards the branch which surprisingly had supported my weight considering it's a guava tree, then I would saturate myself with all my lessons. Memorizing my lessons aloud with the cool breeze blowing and the birds singing.. it was perfect!

At times I would climb trees for the purpose of secretly reading love letters and embroidering my imagination with all my fantasies and dreams.
I poisoned myself with so many lies, created my future and a world that was entirely mine, as if I were God, only to get back to reality again when I heard "Nanay or Tatay" call my name.

There was also no back gate at that time. Sometimes, I'd be tasked to bring the "turkeys" and "chickens" to the school grounds to feed on grass. I did all of that, usually after class. Carrying a long stick on one hand and my notes or book on the other hand, I was engaged in multi-tasking then..lol.. Turkeys and chickens move in flocks so it was easy to manage them. I'd sit somewhere not too far from the animals and read my notes... The funny moments though was when the male turkeys would run after me. Their necks would go big and red. I would try to fend them off using a stick but when my efforts are futile, I simply run, with eyes on my back as I murmured my charming yet cowardly chant "sho! sho!" ...

(Sigh!!!) I'm such a miser of all of these memories. Just recalling these things now overwhelms me instantly. I wish there's a time machine that would bring me back to that period. But there ain't one. But the past will never be dead. I will carry it with me. My memory, my very own diary will always remind me of those cherished moments.

(senti mode :))

Polka Dot Finger Nails (Design)

Yesterday I had fun designing my fingernails. As they say in style you have to swim with the current but in my case I just let my imagination go wild. It is in these things that I exercise freedom in its truest sense. Besides it is in fancy that great styles are crafted and not by mere taste. So if I fancy something, I dig in, without the fear of having to blend. Here take a peek at my newest design- polka dots! I only had my left hand done. My right hand will have a different design too. Anyway, this is soo simple to do.

How I made this nail design? So easy. Just paint your nails according to the color you want, red, pink, blue, yellow, whatever color.. Let it dry first and then use a toothpick or a hair pin to add the dots. Try it. Just remember, the only rule in style and fashion is not to be boring!

Side note: I will be going to Ozamis City later this pm.. I might blog about it too.

Should You Tell Him You Are Not A Virgin Anymore?

In today’s world, virginity is not so much of an issue. But in the Philippines especially in areas like where I come from, virginity is still a major concern. I think the society still puts high regards to a woman’s virginity. So the issue of telling your partner that you are not a virgin anymore is troubling quite a few. Should you tell him that you are not virgin? Should you confide to him that you’ve had your experience with sex? Or should you hold back confessing such a sensitive matter? But what if you are about to marry the guy you really want? Is it time to tell and narrate your sex-capades in all its fine points and splendor?
Let’s talk about this issue in the context of Philippine culture, because in other countries, without naming one, there’s a race at losing ones virginity, or well, if you are a virgin, you are the exception and not the general rule. And if you are a man, finding a virgin woman is like winning the lottery !

So anyway, to confess or not to confess? Personally, I think it’s better to not to confess to you boyfriend about your virginity status yet, and yes even if you are already engaged. There is always the risk of break-up especially prior to marriage. Revealing a very personal secret might be used by your partner against you. If you keep it a secret for the time being, then in case you break up your secret is still intact.

However, if you are already SERIOUSLY talking about marriage, HONESTY is very important. HONESTY maybe the cruelest at this instance because you can hurt your boyfriend and you fear rejection. But if you are to live the rest of your life with your man, you need to bring to the surface all your secrets, mistakes and shortcomings for him to endure and accept. Coming out to the open about your past is like redefining your relationship with your future husband. If he accepts you, and melts all your imperfections into one flame with a simple “I Love You”, you know it‘s love! You couldn't be wrong!

A Case of Mispelled Relationship!

It was a quiz bee competition in high school and I was chosen to represent my section. The questions weren’t as tough as I managed to answer them all correctly. It was almost a sweep. Then I came across the easiest question on spelling. The facilitator asked me to spell the word “relationship”. “So easy, no sweat!” I murmured to myself! Then with confidence overflowing I said “Relationship- R-E-L-A-T-I-O-N- Relationship”. I heard shouts all over, something like “aaah!!” For a while I thought, those were yells of chants of victory from my classmates and hymn of regrets from the supporters of the losing contestants. But then the shouts got louder and the audience got wilder. Some of my classmates and schoolmates were jumping, shouting something I could not fully grasp.(Coaching is not allowed) Even my teachers jumped from their seats. The bell hasn’t signaled the end of the minute to answer so I immediately grabbed the microphone and re-spelled the word, just to make sure I undo any possible mistake. The audience shouted even louder.
Then I said “relationship- R-E-L-A-T-I-O-N-S- Relationship”!
Those were the response I obtained. Now the audience and the teachers got even wilder. Some were leaping, others were banging and whacking their chairs, while others gestures remained incomprehensible. I couldn’t understand the people in front of me. I didn’t even understand the quiz bee master who’s got this mischievous look on her face. I myself was bewildered. Come on, I couldn’t be wrong with the spelling. It was sooo easy! Then the bell rang. It was over!
The quiz bee master impishly told me
I said. Then she told me how carelessly I spelled the word. I can’t believe it! But that was it! Thank God I was tied with another contestant who also got wrong with the spelling of inauguration. So the tie breaker was still on spelling category. This time I was asked to spell “REINVESTIGATIVE”. And this time I got it right! I even used my fingers in spelling the word just to make I did not stop spelling it too early. heheheh! I bagged home the bacon in short. The misspelled word—IT WAS JUST A CASE OF MISPELLED RELATIONSHIP!:)

Wrestling with Spiders!

I EXTREMELY hate spiders especially the ones which crawl inside our houses or under our tables and beds acting like members of the household. I ABHOR these creatures! I DESPISE them! You know why, simply because I DON’T LIKE THEM! If I see one just anywhere near me, heavens, you’ll see me dash like am running for my life. Seeing a spider stresses me so much that I won’t go to the bathroom to take a bath if I see one. Over my dead body! Sometimes I get late in school because of this. But I don’t fear getting late more than I fear spiders with their yucky legs and gruesome color, more so if I see a preggy mother spider, with its whitish bulging tummy.

But mind you guyz, I’ve killed a number of spiders, but only the little ones. I kill them before they grow big and threaten my peace. I’ve killed big ones as well but I used the broom or the floor mop so that I’ll be feet away from the spider. Unfair as it may seem but I am an ARACKNOPHOBIC. I have fear of spiders. If I don’t kill them, they would hinder me, paralyze me, incapacitate me even in the simple things. One time, I was studying for an exam and this spider just showed up, I really leaped from my seat traversing into the bed. I was so frightened, or so shocked that I could feel my heart thumping so fast. Unluckily my friend wasn’t able to kill the spider and as a result, I lost my concentration. Although I was studying in my bed, fear still crept to me. I can’t see the spider but I know it’s there and the thought alone is very disturbing.

I’ve tried hard enough I guess to overcome this fear. But try as might, I just can’t like spiders. Its like my mind is willing but my body is weak.I dread spiders and I am merciless in killing them, but yah, I do that distance away. Funny?! Not at all. Every encounter with a spider is like a battle for me. A spider crawling near me or away from me, stationary or moving, hey an aggressor has come lose! I defend myself scarily yet bravely (when am weak then I am strong). With a fast beating heart and reliable military hardware of broomstick or floor mop I combat with the spider whose ultimate weapon is its mind disturbing, fear producing looks.

(Note: I don’t mean to offend animal lovers!)

My Bestfriend!

Somewhere in Milaor, Camarines Sur, there lived

a fourth grader boy who

would follow this route to school everyday: He has

to cross the rugged

plains and cross the dangerous highway where

vehicles are recklessly

driving to and from. Once passed this highway, the

boy would take a short

cut by passing by the Church every morning just to

say Hi to God, and

faithfully say his, "Magandang umaga po" in Bicol

dialect. He was

faithfully being watched by a Priest who was happy

to find innocence so

uplifting in the morning,

"Kamusta Andoy! Papasok ka na?" "Opo padre … "

he would flash his

innocent grin, the priest would be touched. He was

so concerned that one

day he talked to Andoy,

"From school…", he advised "Do not cross the

highway, you can pass

through the Church and I can accompany you to the

other side of the road

… that way I can see that you are home safe …."

"Thank you father …"

"Why don’t you go home … do do you stay in this

church right


"I just want to say "Hi" to my friend, God," and

the priest would leave

the boy to spend time beside the altar, talking by

himself, but he was

hiding behind the altar to listen to what this boy

has to say

to his heavenly FATHER.

"You know my math exam was pretty bad today, but

I did not cheat -

although my seatmate is bullying me for notes … I

ate one cracker and

drank my water, Itay had a bad season and all I can

eat is this

cracker. Thank you for this! I saw a poor kitten

who was hungry and I

know how he feels so I gave my last cracker to him

… funny but I am not

that hungry … Look, this is my last pair of

slippers … I may

have to walk barefooted next week … you see this

is about to be broken

… but it is okay … at least I am still going to

school … some says

we will have a hard season this month, some of my

classmates have

already stopped going to school … please help them

get to school again,

please God? … Oh, you know, Inay had hit me again,

it is painful, but I

Know this pain will pass away, at least I still have

a mother … God, you

want to see my bruises? I know you can heal them …

here… here and ….

oh … blood … I guess you knew about this one

huh? Please don’t be mad

at Inay, she is just tired and she worries for the

food in our table and my

schooling that is why she hits us … Oh, I think I

am in love … there’s

this pretty girl in my class, her name is Anita …

do you think she will

like me? Anyway, at least I know you will always

like me, I don’t have to

be anybody just to please you, you are my very best

friend! Hey your

birthday is two days from now!!! Aren’t you

excited? I am! wait till you

see, I have a gift for you …. but it is a

surprise! I hope you will like it! Oooops, I have

to go …" then he

stood up and calls out, "Padre, padre, I am finished

talking to my friend

… you can accompany me to the other side of the

road now"

This routine happens everyday. Andoy never

fails. Father Agaton shares

this every Sunday to the people in his church

because he has not seen a

very pure faith and trust in God, a very positive


at negative situations.

One Christmas day, Father Agaton was sick so he

could not make it in the

Church, he was sent to the hospital. The Church was

left to 4 manangs who

would chant the rosary in 1000 miles per hour, would

not smile and would always find fault in what you

do, they are also very

well versed in cursing if you irritate them! They

were kneeling, saying

their kilometric rosary when Andoy, coming from his

Christmas party,

playfully dashed in, "Hello God!!!!! I "

P—-!!!!! (a curse) Bata ka!!!! Alam mo nang may



Poor Andoy was so terrified, "where’s Father

Agaton? He is supposed to

help me cross the street …. and to be able to

cross the street I will

have to pass by the back door of this church … not

only that, I have to

greet Jesus-it is His birthday, I have a gift right

here …." just as he

was about to get the gift out of his shirt, the

manang pulled his shirt and

threw him out of the church. "Susmaryosep!!! (does

a sign of the cross

fervently) Alis kang bata ka, kung hindi matatamaan

ka!!! So the boy had no

choice but to cross the dangerous side of the road

in front of the church.

He crossed. A fast moving bus came in. There

was a blind curve. The

boy was protecting his gift inside his shirt, so he

was not looking. There

was so little time. Andoy died on the spot. A lot


people crowded the poor boy, the body of a lifeless

young boy …Suddenly,

out of nowhere a tall man in pure white shirt and

pants, a face so mild and

gentle, but with eyes full of tears… He came and

carried the boy in His

arms, He was crying. Curious bystanders nudged the

man in white, and asked,

"excuse me sir, are you related to this child? Do

you know this child?"

The man in white, His face mourning and in agony,

lifted up and answered,

"He was my bestfriend … " was all he said. He

took the badly wrapped

gift in the bloody chest of the lifeless boy, and

placed it near His

heart. He stood up and carried the boy away and

they both disappeared in

sight. The crowd

was curious …

On Christmas Eve, Father Agaton learned of the

shocking news. He

visited the house, and wanted to verify about the

man in white. He

consulted the parents of Andoy. "How did you know

that your son


"A man in white brought him here." sobbed the


"What did he say?"

The father answered, "He did not say anything.

He was mourning. We do

not know him and yet he was very lonely at our son’s

death, as if he knew

our son very well. But there was something peaceful


unexplainable about him. He gave me my son, and

then he smiled peacefully.

He rubbed my son’s hair away from his face and

kissed him on his forehead,

then he whispered something …"

"What did he say?" "He said to my boy …" the

father began, "Thank you

for the gift … I will see you soon … you will be

with me …" and the

father of the boy continued, "and you know for a

while, it felt so

wonderful… I cried, but I do not know why …. all

I know is I cried in

tears of joy … I could not explain it father, but

when that man left,

something peaceful came over me, I felt a deep sense

of love inside… I

could not explain the joy in my heart, I knew my boy

is in heaven now …

but … tell me father, who is this man that my son

talks to everyday in

your church, you should know because you are always

there… except on the

time of his death …"

Father Agaton suddenly felt the tears welling in

his eyes, with

trembling knees, he murmurred," … He was talking

to no one …. but ….







Sex Scandals: No Fame but Shame!

Recently I saw some sex video scandals courtesy of a friend. The videos really shocked me. For some who’s engulfed with bodily lust and filthy minds, the videos are undoubtedly entertaining. I saw couples having the most intimate moments of their lives being captured on videos and up-close. The faces, private body parts, the myriad of expressions and the peculiar hums and swish, I witnessed everything. Caught red handed, with convincing video evidence there’s no doubt I can identify them if I bump into their faces.

I’m talking of real people here. Real events of real lives. Sex Scandals are just about everywhere- tiangges, dvd/vcd stands, cellphones and internet. They’re very accessible and yet there are still aspiring actors and actresses making scandals for themselves and the consuming public. Morals have been really stretched to the point of breakage.

Personally while I do feel that the characters of every scandal are victims of hard censure and enormous humiliation, I can't help but put my blame to them as the principal suspects of this filthy unnamed crime. Everybody likes to preserve good memories. We like capturing important events of our lives. The cameras are the mechanisms we utilize to record our memories. But have we gone too far from simple usage to excessive abuse of these devices at the expense of others and of ourselves? There are memories that are better recorded only in the hearts and minds of those who share them to the exclusion of all others. Making love for instance is so delicate to be captured on videos. There is a very great risk that sex videos will fall in the hands of people who find joy in putting others to disgrace for shimmering gold and even for just a few pesos. Given all the sex videos on the loose (Hayden-Katrina Scandal), these should be enough, hopefully, to deter all those others for just even thinking of staging their intimate moments in front of the camera lens.

On one hand, proper caution should be exercised by every couple against camera men/women rummaging the streets, the hotels, motels, even boarding houses in search for new porn stars for their next sexy films. With the advent of spy cameras as small as a match box, you better activate your James Bond/ Charlie’s Angels’ detective side. Otherwise you’ll be starring in your own general patronage blockbuster movie, and contrary to a real celebrity, there's no fame but shame!

A repost with minor edits.

How To Boost Your Romance

I was thinking of writing about what transpired in my life today. But I am kinda hesitant to do that. Am still having second thoughts of telling you guys about the very personal matters of my life, like what activities I indulge into now that I have deactivated my facebook account, or the very simple things in my daily existence, like what I ate for breakfast, or that I have a new pimple on my face and that I just got my period today... or that while I was updating this blog I hurt my knee (got a little scratch which does hurt)..etc.. But if I tell you these things( oops am already telling you..),would that interest you then? Well maybe not really. ..So for now I will have to write about articles that everyone can relate to and then perhaps when I get my own flock of followers then I'll start telling you all the nonsense stories of my life.

Anyhoo, let's get back to my personal tips on "How To Boost Your Romance". There are so many ways you can boost your romance life and get more close with your partner. Here are some of my tips. (this article is also found on my other blog.)

1. Relish the Small Stuff.
There is no need for an action to show gestures of love and sweetness. Why not bring your partner a bunch of flower or prepare a candle lit dinner at home, or just cuddle with each other outside during a starry starry night.

2. Be Selfish with your Time
Ignore your friends for the time being and have the weekend exclusive for just the two of you. Get disconnected with the outside world. Just think of you and your partner and no one and nothing else.

3. Argue
The little day to day frustrations that build up between the two of you helps. Little misunderstandings add to a more exciting relationship. Remember opposite polls attract. Just make sure you settle your misunderstandings before going to sleep.

4. Reminisce the Happy Past
Bringing back those happy memories can instantly boost your love for each other and give you instant joy. So why not talk about your past happy experiences as you cuddle each other on your house porch or at your garden.

5. Play
You don't have to spend much for a good date. Why not challenge your partner to a poker game-- not your ordinary poker game, but a sexy strip poker game. Or play any game and whoever loses must do a sexy dance and strip down.

How To Lose a Guy in 5 Days

This is a repost. Made this article long time ago. You might see this online too, but I wrote it originally. :) This article is also on my other blogs.

Sometimes there are guys who stick to us, won't give up the relationship despite the harsh truth that you're not compatible with each other, despite the apparent fact that your relationship is not working, despite the revealing truth that you have fallen out of love for him. And yet they won't leave your side. The sight of your partner is not pleasing at all. Seeing him brings no thrill, no excitement. You feel more pissed off than enjoy his company.

You've got to loose this guy. You can't lie to yourself and coerce your heart and mind to believe that you still love your man. Don't torture yourself. If a simple, one on one talk for a break up won't work there are some other ways, not typical and could be nasty. The choice is yours. Stick with your man and never find your real soulmate or do the following at your own risk:

1. Day one, your man picks you up for school or work.
Your move: Leave your house before he comes. Knowing that a partner did not wait for them can be disturbing for a lot of men.

2. Day two at the park.
Your move: Talk about a new hot guy you met. Yes you will create the feeling of insecurity and jealousy for him. But he should anticipate your move after the one on one talk between you and him.

3. Day three, a walk to the beach or a nearby resort.
Your hairy move: Wear a sleeveless or a spaghetti strap. The catch, don't pluck or shave the hair in your armpit. Have it sticking for him to see. It depends if you can bear the humiliation as other people will see you too. Don't forget the hair sticking out of your nose!

4. Day four, your man visits your house.
Your ugly move: Don't take a bath! Look ugly! Don't Brush your teeth! Show no affection! This one is nasty but it can work to at least push your man away. Who would want a stinky partner? Much more the kiss! Gross! Your man won't even kiss you if he sees that piece of meat or cabbage stuck in between your front teeth, and the smell coming from your mouth will literally drive your guy away.

5. Day five, movie watching.
Your picking pop-corn move: While eating a pack of pop-corn with your head on his shoulders, pick up the pop-corn! I mean pick your nose! Gross! Let him see you as you do that. Just remember which finger you used in picking your nose and which one you use to put the pop-corn in your mouth.

Day 6,at your own initiative talk to your man again, i'm confident he will likely break up with you. If not, email me for my 6th tip. :)

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