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The Fastest Easiest Way to Download Youtube Videos to MP4 Format

Many of you are not aware perhaps that you can directly download Youtube videos without installing any software. Best of all, you can download and play these youtube videos to your cellphones, iphone, or mp4 players without the need to convert them. You only need to download a firefox add-on which works flawlessly on your browser. No need for YouTube Downloader programs. No need to visit websites where you input the url of the video you want to download .. This one works fast and easy..

"Download YouTube Videos as MP4 and FLV" is a small extension which adds a download button on the YouTube video pages, so you can download videos as MP4 or FLV.

The extension is based on a Greasemonkey script. If you use Chrome, Opera, Safari or Internet Explorer, install the script.

You can download this add-on for free.. Just copy paste this link on your browser. 


Is Demi Lovato Dating Justin Bieber? What Happened To Demi’s Twitter Page?

Demi Lovato has been romantically linked with a number of people including Trace Cyrus and Joe Jonas, but now Demi is taking a chance with a younger man, 16 year old Justin Bieber.

Could this be a match made in heaven? A source told Life & Style, “She’s not shy about talking about their relationship. Demi said Justin was very mature for his age.”

The source continued, “She was shocked at what a good kisser he was.”

Despite rumors of a relationship with Justin Bieber, Lovato, 18, recently twitted that she was engaged and quickly retracted the rumor, saying it was just a ‘joke.’ Now her Twitter page – @ddlovato – has went blank and gives off the error message Sorry! That Page Doesn’t Exist.. Some people think that her Twitter page was hacked, while others believe it was her choice to quit the social networking website.

What are your thoughts on Demi Lovatos’s love connection with Justin Bieber and her missing Twitter page? Do you think she’s abandoned the internet to pursue a secret love with Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never" Teaser Trailer on FOX

In order to draw a younger crowd to Game 3 of the World Series this Saturday, a sneak peak of Justin Bieber's video “Never Say Never” will air on Fox.

Just before the San Francisco Giants take on the Texas Rangers, a video that the “Baby” singer filmed while wearing both teams’ gear will make its debut.

Aside from the Biebs’ video, Kelly Clarkson will sing the national anthem while Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson will announce the winners of the World Series of Costumes photo contest.

In other news, it is being reported that Justin Bieber is one of the hottest Halloween costumes this year.

Justin Bieber hints at Chris Brown collaboration…

Last night, Twitter was buzzing after teen heart throb Justin Bieber hinted that he is set to release a new single which will feature R&B star Chris Brown…

“Kinda hyped right now” he writes “For a new single, teamed up with one of my friends and an artist I used to sing covers of on Youtube. BIG RECORD. SMASH!!” (Source). Shortly after tweeting that message he posted a clip of himself before hitting the big time singing Chris’s hit song ‘With You’. I think my 17-year-old sister is going to have a heart attack. She loves them both.

Toya's World

Justin and Jaden is all Fancy~

Justin Bieber at Moorpark High School football game with the Smiths and Selena Gomez

I am wondering... What were they doing there? For who's game?
Or was it just for fun that they go to a high school football game?

Credit to @BieberSoCal

Caitlin Beadles Driving Justin Bieber's Range Rover

I think this was taken the same day as this..


Justin Bieber romantically linked to Demi Lovato

Rumors are hot that pop singer Justin Bieber and Disney star Demi Lavato have hooked up. While it's unlikely that this rumor is true it would make sense that the two would be interested in each other since they have a lot in common with their careers.

Life and Style magazine is reporting that Justin Bieber recently and secretly hooked up with Lovato and that they shared a few kisses. For all the girls out there wondering what it would be like to kiss Bieber. Lovato is reported as saying that Bieber is an “excellent” kisser.

The source that is close to both Bieber and Lovato said that Demi thought Justin was “mature for his age” and they said she was “shocked” to learn that he was an excellent kisser.

While Justin hasn’t responded to the rumors, Demi’s Twitter account has been taken down. Wonder if the rumored hook up is related to the missing Twitter account?


Justin Bieber at MEGAMIND Movie Premiere

Photos: JustJaredJr


Another Hollywood celebrity was waxed again and this time it's Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift herself went to see her wax image and she also wore the same clothes that the wax image was wearing. Looking at the wax image of Taylor Swift, it seems like its alive and it is an exact copy of Taylor Swift herself. Many photographers were delighted to shoot some pictures of Taylor Swift and her wax image. Just Like Eva Longaria-Parker and Gwen Steffani, Taylor Swift is the new addition to the Hollywood celebrity that was waxed. The only difference between Taylor Swift and the waxed Taylor Swift is the lipstick color.


After confirming her pregnancy, Mariah Carey is felling tired and exhausted already, like pregnant moms do. Mariah Carey is now getting the feeling of how to be a mother soon. Mariah Carey is already 41 and at her age, she should be more careful and avoid stressful jobs. Mariah Carey's husband right now is very busy promoting and shouting that his wife is pregnant. Mariah Carey should be resting because that is the best move since she is still in her first trimester as a pregnant woman. Mariah Carey will be experiencing more and vomiting will be a common thing for Mariah Carey as she is confirmed pregnant. Congratulations to Mariah Carey and Nick Canon.


This is the latest news that is all over the Hollywood entertainment world about Jessica Simpson. It was rumored that Jessica Simpson is pregnant this time with her boyfriend Eric Johnson of the Dallas Cowboys. Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson agreed ti make a baby because Jessica Simpson is already prepared to have a baby of her own. In her previous marriage with Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson was not prepared yet that time because Jessica Simpson was still focus in her Hollywood career that she is still nursing young. Jessica Simpson is already in the right age to bear a child in this world and maybe she won't recognized that because Jessica Simpson is very fat right now. Jessica Simpson should lose some weight before she can bear a child. If Jessica Simpson really like to have a baby, let science help her and boyfriend Eric Johnson and maybe a twins will be right in their door. Jessica Simpson believes that Eric Johnson is the right man to give her a child and not Nick Lachey of the 98 degrees.

Emerging trend... Strong facial hair looks...

Andrea Furci, tattoo artist from Sicily. See his work:  >>>


Premiere on Fox: Justin Bieber's New Video

Justin Bieber's new music video will premiere on FOXthis weekend.

The video is for a special acoustic version of his hit single "Never Say Never" off his upcoming album due out at the end of November. The premiere will happen during FOX's pregame show for Game 3 of the World Series of Baseball, which begins at 3:30 p.m. this Saturday, October 30.

The video was shot at Angels Stadium and features Bieber wearing athletic gear representing both teams in the World Series: the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers.

Bieber will not be the only pop star at the game this Saturday. Texas native and American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson, will perform the National Anthem before the game. Martha Plimpton, star of FOX's Raising Hope, will be singing God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch.

FOX will also be announcing the winner of their World Series of Costumes, a competition in which viewers sent in photographs for consideration.

Justin Bieber to Embarrass Major League Baseball

In 2007 the New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez announced he was opting out of his contract during Game 4 of the World Series, and a lot of people got mad that A-Rod was taking attention away from baseball. Well, that particular contentious incident will seem like a mere trifle compared to what's going down Saturday: Before Game 3 between the Giants and Rangers, during Fox's preshow, Justin Bieber will be premiering his music video for "Never Say Never." (The video was shot at Angels Stadium, and in it Bieber "sports gear from both teams.") But here's the problem: Once that level of advanced Bieber entertainment is introduced to impressionable baseball viewers, will anyone even bother sticking around to watch the inevitable let-down of a game? Expect all-time World Series ratings lows, MLB. 

Black Friday 2010 Amazon Deals

Amazon Black Friday Deals will soon be live on their website.  Expect tons of great deals on different products. Black Friday 2010 is one of the biggest shopping day of the year, and it offers probably one of best sales for major stores like Amazon.

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Justin Bieber's Photoshop'd Todateen Photo: The Controversial Picture

Justin Bieber is the cover of a Brazilian teen magazine called Todateen in its November 2010 issue. But the Justin Bieber Todateen photo seems to be a product photoshop. Fans and non fans alike have noticed the smudged gyliner, powder puff perfect complexion, the dewy lips and all.

What do you think? I've got the photo below. You decide! Personally, JB looks "gay" here. No offense to all JB fans. He is a beautiful guy. No need to photoshop or do extreme make up of Justin. I think he is goodlooking as he is.


Gwen Steffani is really a good mother. Gwen Steffani spends time with her two kids as they slide their way down. Gwen Steffani was with Zuma and Kingston, her two kids. They went to West Hollywood to spend time with her two boys. Gwen Steffani is a role model for Hollywood celebrity moms out there. Inspite of her busy schedule, Gwen Steffani was able to find time for her boys. Bonding with the boys is just the perfect to show that Gwen Steffani loves her boys so much.

Spitalfields Market, LDN


Justin Bieber to Perform at the American Music Awards

It was just announced that Justin Bieber will be making his American Music Awards performance debut this year! Other acts that will be taking the AMA stage include: Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Christina Aguilera, Bon Jovi, P!nk, and Usher.

Justin is nominated for four awards including Artist of the Year. You can vote for Justin and all your faves at amavote.com through November 12.

The American Music Awards will air live from the Nokia Theatre in L.A. on Sunday, November 21 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

What song do you want Justin to sing?



Nothing remains constant in Hollywood except change. This whats is all about Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife, Tish. Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish is getting a divorce. According to the reports, the couple are going into problems with their in differences and they needed space from one another. It was a two persons deciding to end their 17 years old relationship with 5 kids, including Miley Cyrus. This is just one example of a good marriage turned sour in the Hollywood entertainment world.


It is official and the news stays it all. Justin Timberlake cheated of Jessica Biel because Justin Timberlake loves Olivia Munn. It was reported that Justin Timberlake Met Olivia Munn. Both of them exchanged their numbers and started calling each other. Olivia Munn told Justin Timberlake that she does not like having an affair with a man in a relationship. Justin Timberlake immediately replaied that he and Jessica Biel is no more. After that, Justin Timberlake and Olivia Munn were spotted in the hotel room of Olivia Munn for two days. According to some eye witness, Justin Timberlake and Olivia Munn were very sweet to each other. We better wait for the reaction of Jessica Biel about her Justin Timberlake is a big cheater.


Jojo the little girl with a great voice is very active in her twitter account. Just Last night, Jojo send some pictures on her account and very sexy looking. Jojo is exposing her breast in this picture and it is great. Jojo has not change in looks and maybe, Jojo is already ready to change her style and accept more mature roles. In thjis recent event, it only shows that there is a new name that is going to emerge in the cover girls industry and Jojo is no kid anymore. Jojo is going to be one hot sexy young woman. Jojo has a big boobs! That is great when she shows that on playboy for a starter. Magazine producers, Jojo is ready and available.

A little Facehunting... LFW




JUSTIN BIEBER is SINGLE && 25 things to know about him


There is only one Gwen Steffani of No Doubt. Gwen Steffani visited the wax museum to see her image as she was copied and her replica was a perfect wax image of her. Gwen Steffani cannot believe that her wax image was very like her and alive looking. As if there was two Gwen Steffani. Gwen Steffani also touch the wax image, especially the belly part of the wax image. Just Like Eva Longaria, Gwen Steffani also has a wax image of herself.


Nobody beats Charlie Sheen. As reported, Charlie Sheen was rushed to the hospital after the hotel attendant found him drunk and naked with a female prostitute in New York city. In the same hotel, Charlie Sheen's wife Denise Richards and her kids were also there to see that the head of their family is drunk and is having an affair with a prostitute again. In the past years, Charlie Sheen was also reported as a Hollywood celebrity that is hooked with having illicit affairs with several prostitutes. Charlie Sheen is really out of his mind with his current sexual escapade with an another prostitute. Charlie Sheen is addicted to sex and he is not contented with Denise Richards alone. Charlie Sheen should make friends with Tiger Woods because they share the same hobby. Having sex with many prostitutes.